Wildwood Park is an indie/post-rock/folk band composed of brothers and veteran musicians Aaron and Jesse Burgess, Jesse's daughter, Anna Okada Burgess, and their longtime friend, Dov Friedman.   

In the 70s, 80s, and early 90s, the Burgess brothers, with their band Solomon Jest, wrote and recorded hundreds of songs. Then, for a decade and a half, the brothers sidelined songwriting — Aaron, to develop his skills as an artist/painter, and Jesse, to compose full-scale orchestral works and pursue graduate studies. When Anna began to bloom as a violinist and vocalist, the writing and recording began afresh. Anna, an extraordinarily gifted, classically-trained violinist, Celtic fiddler, and vocalist, released her first CD of Celtic fiddle music, “Spring In Brassica,” when she was 14. Dov Friedman,  with his encyclopedic knowledge of pop/rock music, completes the quartet as the band's drummer. Dov has worked with a number of accomplished bands over many years, including tours with The Wipers and Crooked Fingers. 

Each member brings a unique constellation of skills to bear in the realization of these profound and finely crafted songs. Aaron writes most of the lyrics and essential song ideas; Jesse, an experienced recording engineer, handles most of the instruments, arrangements, instrumental sections, and recording; Anna contributes her own fresh, yet understated, vitality in both her violin and vocal performances; and Dov, with his fine ear as a producer and arranger, exquisitely attunes his percussion parts to Anna's vocal lines and the songs’ unvarnished quality.  You can purchase their CD here or download the album from iTunes here.